You’ll know that  ultimately in this industry it is all about the person who is actually doing the research for you.

Whether you use a big company or a freelancer, it’s all about who you use, if you are going to get the results you want.


Experts In Our Field 

Ipso Facto Research Ltd is owned and run by Carolyn Bennett and has included Louise Mai Newberry for the last 15 years.

We come from a psychology background and having worked as researchers, research buyers and business consultants so we really understand the industry.

Between us we have 45 years’ experience of working in advertising and NPD across almost every industry and sector so we have a wealth of knowledge whilst still being fresh and up-to-date.

Over the years we’ve used almost every idea and technique there’s been in this industry. However, we still believe that ultimately as a consumer researcher it’s all about understanding people, being able to bond, to manage the agenda, to get to the bottom of the issues and to be able to steer things while always keeping an open mind.

Carolyn is trained in psychodynamic psychotherapy and is a qualified clinical hypnotherapist, NLP and Timeline practitioner. LM has also trained in hypnotherapy and NLP. We find that these skills inform our ability to be exceptional researchers, while always keeping a business perspective.

We understand budgets, politics, practicalities and the business world.

In all our years virtually every client we’ve ever worked for has come back to work with us again or on multiple occasions and our clients recommend us to others.

Pragmatists With Insight 

We combine honesty with tact and have a highly insightful grasp of what’s going on.

We often get given the sticky projects and we’re regularly requested when a company has found themselves with lots of research under their belt but they still haven’t got to the nub of things.

Or, when people are just embarking on a new project and want to be sure they tackle it in a way that gets results.

We are great at getting to the heart of the issue and making things clear and usable.

It’s all about recruiting in the most meaningful way, approaching the project with the big view while getting into the detail and being willing to change and adapt as the project is developing.

We often get feedback that our results are used as the backbone of long-term future branding and policy decisions and feed into all sorts of other areas in the business. Yet we are also good at the regular day-to-day research too, having got so much of it under our belt.