Many research companies want to talk through the project in detail before they’ll talk cost, but we believe in being up front about the money


we charge:

£2,550 – £2,995 per 2 hour session

£1,995 – £2,495 per 1 ½ hour session


These prices include a briefing meeting, all liaising before setting up the research, all recruitment costs, consumer incentives, the consumer focus sessions, a debrief presentation and the debrief document.


They exclude consumer session venue fees, consumer transport fees, travel and accommodation expenses and VAT

(In exceptional cases extra recruitment/incentive costs may be added to the fee but this is very infrequent)


We also offer longer session (but not shorter ones) which pro rata at £300 – £500 per half hour


In depth interviews


All other additional techniques used in the industry are tailor made and priced accordingly