Rigorous and challenging while establishing the right objectives

Most research simply sets out to answer a question posed by the client by asking consumers what they think.

It is a consumer-led process where you end up with a snapshot of the lie of the land. It does not necessarily provide the information required to meet the client’s true objectives.

Our research starts with a process whereby we rigorously explore what you are trying to accomplish. Once we have the true objectives and hypothesis we are able to then create an appropriate research programme with the right audience profile, questions and discussion guide.

Before we embark on the actual research itself, we will help you to challenge your assumptions at the outset of the project, to ensure you have the right hypothesis and to enable us to scope the right set of activities.

Who we talk to

How we talk to them

What we talk to them about

We don’t take things at face value and yet our work is grounded in reality and that’s what makes us different.


Understanding how consumers work and getting valid and usable results

An inherent issue with qualitative research lies with the way consumers behave in a research group setting.  We recognise their limitations, their unconscious underlying issues and  the business/political context in which we’re operating.

Our skill and experience allows us to manage and control these elements live in the discussion while also being able to clarify where and how they operate and what they mean in the analysis of the findings.

Thus your end results are robust and useable, 4-dimensional rather than a 2D snapshot.

We can give you these results because we know what we’re doing and are experts in our field.

You will end up with a thorough understanding of the issues that will inform your strategy and policy into the future.



We are an independent company that operates with integrity to ensure that client confidentiality is maintained at all times.


Timely delivery and competitive rates

We deliver on time, on budget; our prices are highly competitive while being in line with the industry standard.